What it is like to meet the King of stand-up comedy


When I met Basket mouth for the first time, it was both strange and amazing. It was strange because for me I didn’t know how to react at seeing my favourite Nigerian comedian. It was amazing on the other hand because he is one of the coolest celebrities I have met till date.

It was only recently that I realised I am not alone in having a memorable “first time meeting basket mouth” story. A lot of the folks I have met share the same experience and our last remark of him is almost certainly “oh, that guy is very nice and down to earth.”

He knows how to make an entrance

For me, it was 3 weeks ago. I work as a photojournalist for a magazine brand in Lagos and we were in talks with Basket mouth to have him on the cover page of our next edition.

Three people from the magazine brand were scheduled to be in the meeting with him and funny enough, I wasn’t one of them. But the managing Director in his usual impromptu style summoned the entire production team into the meeting and there I was, seated with Basket mouth.

“I NEED ALL THE PRODUCTION GUYS IN THE BOARDROOM RIGHT NOW.” That was all the boss had to say and in a split second, an assembly of graphic artists, cameramen, makeup artists, you name it congregated around Basket mouth.

Basket mouth being who he is, it didn’t waste a second to enliven the atmosphere with ribs cracking jokes and in a moment everybody is totally wrapped in his fun presence, all giggling sheepishly to very movement of his lips.

The truth is we love honest people, even if you can’t bring ourselves to be that honest

If being real is a virtue, then Nigeria’s king of stand-up comedy is very virtuous. This guy isn’t carried away one bit by his celebrity status. Bright Okpocha is 100% real and as a fan, I didn’t expect that. He talks real, laughs real and 100% snub free.



At the end of the meeting, I asked Basket mouth if he will follow me on Instagram, guess what, he obliged but promised to do if I return the favour and follow him on Palmchat.

It was a brief meeting but I will not forget that feeling. Some stars so ordinary in disposition that you just can’t help but like them. I had to go back to work, so we both shared our good byes: the “It was nice getting to meet you” and he was very honest with hes’. You could literally see it in his eyes.

  • Article by Ikechukwu Ucheolisa