Dabota Lawson advises women: “Run Away From Toxic Men”


Former Nigerian beauty queen, Dabota Lawson went on her Instagram page to share some wise words with her female fans.

She wrote: –

“Praying together is the most intimate act a couple can engage in.
It’s time for women to stop entertaining the boffinry of satisfaction that comes from mere social media post . Or the envy that comes from those images you see show casing the picture perfect couples.
Men who prey on women view their victims as less than human . In his mind they’re just variables in a math equation to get to a desired result or conclusion.
Ladies there is no reasoning with him or appeasing to his sensibilities , because ur only a nut in his mind and falling in love is the last thing on his mind .

He will say whatever u want to hear and become the man u always dreamed about to suck u in his world , and once ur locked in he will unleash the wrath of who he really is .
The more u try to get him to be accountable to his behavior , the more he will have u thinking ur losing ur mind , as he tempts to blame u for his cheating and putting his hands on u .

He can’t reciprocate ur love , because he disconnected from his own moral compass along time ago . He doesn’t operate in right vs wrong , only wins vs losses.
Every woman that gives him his way and let’s him treat her like shit is a win & when she finally wakes up and no longer allows him to control her it’s a loss. RUN AWAY FAST FROM TOXIC MEN!!!!!”


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