New Tattoo Ink Disappears after 1 Year


Say bye bye to laser treatment and the shame that come with tramp stamps. A new startup, ‘Ephemeral’ is working on a new kind of tattoo ink which will disappear in just one year.

Tramp stamps and tattoos gotten on a whim will no longer have the regret attached to them seeing as you will be rid of the tattoo in just under a year. One year in, the tattoo will begin to fade and perhaps the most interesting part of what Ephemeral is proposing is that the ink will not require special equipment.

There is a lot of simple science behind this; what makes tattoos permanent is the inks used which are too big for the body to clear up. Ephemeral’s solution is to use smaller molecules in order to ensure that tattoos will not be permanent.

The small catch to Ephemeral’s solution is that it will not be longer be available till 2017.