Only PDP Can Return Nigeria To The Path Of Glory, Says David Mark

Nigeria-Senate-President-David-MarkFormer Senate President David Mark has said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is the only party that can return Nigeria to the path of glory. This is just as he said Nigerians can now “spot the difference” between the past PDP governments and governing All Progressives Congress, APC.
Mr. Mark, who spoke weekend at the North-central zonal congress of the PDP held in Abuja, also called for a truce among members of the party ahead of the national convention slated for Port Harcourt, Rivers State on May 21.
A statement by the former Senate president’s media aide – Paul Mumeh – quoted him as saying “Nigerians can now spot the difference. The PDP is still the right choice. Therefore, we must respond positively and ultimately return the nation to the path of glory”.
Senator Mark also told the North-Central delegates to the PDP zonal congress held in Abuja at the weekend, that “I think we have realized our past mistakes and learnt our lessons. We cannot afford crisis or disaffection within our fold any more.
“It is time for all genuine men and women of our party to make the necessary sacrifice and work honestly towards a united and more cohesive party”, he said.
“We must avoid the pitfalls of the past such as imposition of candidates against the wishes of the majority. We are returning the party to the people and let the people decide”, he said.


  1. With the boldness looters like David Mark still display at insulting the integrity of Nigeria I wonder if EFCC is still working. It beats my imagination that a common criminal like Mark is still free to talk in our country. Mark has all his life won only one election legitimately, Mark enriched himself through stealing state funds as governor and minister in charge of telecommunications etc and thinks Nigerians have forgotten. Panama papers is on the way maybe then you will shut up forever.