Segun Arinze Talks About Child Upbringing.

segun arinze

A combined force of the media, especially new media, education and the Sociopolitical structure of our society has triggered nothing but an unblurred transition in our societal value system and cultural legacy.

Apparently, these are some of the reasons a popular Nigerian Actor, Segun Arinze decisively urge children to stay strong to the long-rooted social value in our society, especially respect for their parents and older people.

The actor said in an interview that children should listen to their parents and grow up in the right way to become better human beings in the future.

In an attempt to balance the role of both sides involve in any child’s upbringing, He went futher to say that in parents bid to give their children the best they can afford,  they should also put some restraints on the kind of content they view especially on the screen.