Election: We’re Not Divided – CAN

CAN-LOGOChristians across the country, yesterday debunked rumours making the rounds that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is divided over the just concluded election for a new president of the body.
The election held last week with Rev. Samson Supo Ayokunle of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, NBC, emerging as the CAN President.
Ayokunle defeated Elder Joseph Otubu of the Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Movement (MCCSW) with 54 votes to 28.
Reacting to the outcome of the election, Christians, under the auspices of the Patriotic Christian Youth of Nigeria (PCYN), also insisted that the CAN election was not conducted against any court order as being peddled in some quarters.
The President of PCYN, Evang. Simon Timothy Nasso, who stated this in Abuja at a news conference on Saturday, said: “It is not true that CAN is divided, we are not divided, every bloc that made up CAN have their delegates in the meeting and participated in the election”.
Addressing the rumoured pull-out of the Catholic bloc out of CAN, Nasso said; “the leadership of CAN, understanding the need for peaceful resolution of issues and appreciating the importance of the Catholic bloc’s participation, agreed that the CAN NEC will sit and resolve the grievances of the Catholic bloc before the commencement of the election.
“At the meeting, special opportunity was given to the Catholic bloc who was fully represented in the meeting, but the most unfortunate aspect of the whole issues is that the leader of the Catholic bloc who is also the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria who signed the letter was represented in the meeting as it has always been the case.
“Unfortunately, the representatives came with a standing order that they were free to participate in the meeting but must abstain from voting if election will be conducted. Notwithstanding, the CAN leadership gave the Catholic bloc the opportunity to express their feelings which the Bishop’s representative did quite well and members responded with convincing position but the 10 delegates from Catholic could not vote because they couldn’t reach the Bishops with the result before the end of the meeting.
“On the issue of denial of a particular candidate from participation in the election process. We have made several clarifications on this matter but for the records, no CAN leader prevented any candidate from participation in the election. As being the practice, letters were written to all the blocs to present candidates for the election. This also confirmed the fact that all blocs are qualify to contest for the office of the president at every given time in line with her constitution.
“It’s only the bloc that can present a candidate and that if a particular candidate could not get his bloc to present him does not mean that CAN should be divided or close. On the issue of Northern and southern CAN or southern and Northern CAN candidates. The Bible is very explicit about evidence of those trying to tear the church apart; some claimed to be for Apostle Paul while others Barnabas.
“For the record, there is no Northern or Southern CAN in the current CAN constitution. The CAN constitution provides for the states and the geo-political zones for ease of administration only. Those telling you that the North will break out of CAN are just deceiving the public. They are not in the CAN Constitution in the first place”.