Governor Ayade Wins Tourism Man Of The Year


Governor of Cross River State, Professor Ben Ayade has shaken off competitions from the Minister of Tourism for Ghana, the Minister of Tourism for The Gambia and Obinna Ekezie, the Managing Director of Wakanow to win the Tourism Man of the Year award for Nigeria and West Africa.

Among the achievements of governor Ayade in Cross River which made him scoop the double awards include; raising the standard of Calabar Carnival by introducing the first bikers parade and delivering the largest crowd ever seen since carnival began in 2004.

Prof. Ayade also opened the first monorail in sub Saharan Africa, He sets up Callywood, the new movie genre that will rival Nollywood.

He is also creating new smart cities in the state. Cross River State prides itself as having created the first authentic international carnival in Africa with participation from Africa and other parts of the World.