Tiger Mauls 2 Women In China

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It has been reported that Siberian tigers have attacked 2 women at a wildlife park in Beijing after the pair got out of their car following an argument.

One the women was killed while the other seriously injured.

She was attacked by a tiger which dragged her away from the vehicle, prompting the other woman to get out of the car to try to help.

CCTV footage showing the attack
CCTV footage showing the attack

The second woman was killed by a tiger which then carried her body away.

It is reported that park staff rushed to the scene to help the victims, but they were only able to save one of them.

A man and a child  were said to be also in the car. They escaped unharmed.

Tigers are known to roam the grounds in the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World.


The park also allows visitors to drive their own cars through an open space but not allowed to leave their vehicles in certain enclosures.

The park management have refused to comment on the incident.


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