Animal Rights Group Seeks Memorial To Chickens Killed In Car Crash

Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has sent a letter to the Public Works Department of Stanislaus County, California, USA, requesting approval to erect a 5-foot-tall tombstone memorial at the scene of a big-rig crash that occurred August 5.

The truck was carrying chickens, and in the rollover accident, “an unknown number of chickens in cages were scattered and killed,” according to PETA.

An image of the proposed granite tombstone shows an etched, photo-quality image of a chicken with the words: “In memory of the chickens who suffered and died at this spot. Try vegan. PETA.”


A PETA spokeswoman, Danielle Katz, said the organization has not yet received approval but is hopeful.

A news release from PETA says the memorial would “remind all drivers, including those with animals on board, to travel safely – while pointing out that we can all prevent further animal suffering and death by going vegan.