Imo Begins Enforcement Of 3-Day Work Policy

Gov. Rochas Okorocha
Gov. Rochas Okorocha
The Imo state government has gone ahead to initiate the 3-day working policy despite the state’s chapter of the Ni­geria Labour Congress (NLC) calling it unconstitutional.
The declaration of the policy has now pitched Governor Rochas Okorocha with the NLC who still insist on total abolishment of the new policy.
The policy gives workers 2 days off from the usual 5 days. Workers are meant to use the days off to ”fend for themselves”.
The NLC threatened to go on strike if such policy was established, claiming the state government had no authority to do so.
However, the governor made an appeal to the NLC, asking for their support on the policy. Also adding that there won’t be any reduction to the salaries of the workers.
With the policy now in place, one wonders what happens next.


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