Man Orders Strippers For Funeral

A man got an odd send-off at his funeral after a squad of bikini-clad strippers showed up and danced against his coffin.

The women left very little to the imagination as they performed an energetic dance routine to Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’.

One of the women even seductively draped her body over the coffin in front of the dead man’s relatives.

As the pair perform their coordinated routine a picture of the deceased is illuminated in the background with colourful lighting.

After performing to 3 upbeat songs the man’s coffin was taken away for a more solemn ceremony.

Strippers are said to be invited to perform at funerals in China in order to attract more mourners.

The size of the funeral is seen a status symbol.

Chinese authorities are said to be clamping down on the bizarre trend.





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