15 Operations The Nigerian Armed Forces Are Involved In

Nigeria’s armed forces are presently carrying out various operations across the country.

The operations are aimed at combating terrorism, deadly herdsmen, cattle rustlers, kidnappers, oil thieves, pipeline vandals, armed robbery and so on.

Operations exist in all the six Geo-political zones of the country.

Below are 15 of the operations carried out presently:



  1. Operation Lafia Dole
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    Operation Lafia Dole is being carried out in the North-East. It handles the overall Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency Operations with expanded scope, scale and depth comprising three divisions and more than five states. This has dovetailed to other specialised operations like Operation Crackdown, Operation Gama Aiki, and Operation Safe Corridor.[/tie_slide]
  2. Operation Crackdown
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    Operation Crackdown is to wind down the war against insurgents and clear the remnants of the Boko Haram sect in Sambisa Forest.[/tie_slide]
  3. Operation Gama Aiki
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    Operation Gama Aiki serves the same purpose as Operation Crackdown, but takes place in the northern part of Borno state. It is a multi-national operation with troops from the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) member states.[/tie_slide]
  4. Operation Safe Corridor
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    Operation Safe Corridor was set up for the de-radicalisation and rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram terrorists.[/tie_slide]
  5. Operation Safe Haven
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    Operation Safe Haven is stationed in Plateau State with its area of operation extending to Benue, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kwara States. It was set up to quell ethno-religious conflicts and other criminal activities in its states of operation.[/tie_slide]
  6. Operation Sharan Daji
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    In the North-West, Operation Sharan Daji was established to battle the criminal activities of armed bandits, cattle rustlers and robbers operating particularly in Zamfara, Kaduna and fringes of Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina and Kano states.[/tie_slide]
  7. Operation Harbin Kunama
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    Operation Harbin Kunama also serves the same purpose as Operation Sharan Daji in the North-West.[/tie_slide]
  8. Operation Delta Safe (formerly Operation Pulo Shield)
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    In the South-South region, Operation Delta Safe is aimed at crushing the resurgent Niger Delta militancy and other acts of criminality like oil theft, vandalism, and bunkering in the region.[/tie_slide]
  9. Operation Crocodile Smile
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    Operation Crocodile Smile was launched by the Army to support the larger Operation Delta Safe.[/tie_slide]
  10. Operation Tsare Teku
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    Operation Tsare Teku is also carried out in the Niger-Delta region to guard the sea. It is being spearheaded by Navy to secure the maritime environment and it has been very successful in reducing hijacking of ships and piracy.[/tie_slide]
  11. Operation Awase
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    Operation Awase in the South west, is a mandate to contain the criminal operations around Ogun-Lagos axis, particularly in Arepo where illegal oil bunkering and pipeline vandalism are regular occurrences.[/tie_slide]
  12. Operation Iron Fence
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    The South East has Operation Iron Fence to combat armed robbers, hooligans and kidnappers.[/tie_slide]
  13. Operation Mesa
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    Operation Mesa is a Joint Task Force (JTF) operation against all forms of criminal activities in all the states of the federation.[/tie_slide]
  14. Operation Safe Conducts
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    Operation Safe Conducts is to guide armed forces participation in electoral matters in order to create a conducive atmosphere for elections.[/tie_slide]
  15. Operation Quick Response Squad
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    Operation Quick Response Squad is mostly against armed robbery, which is coordinated in various formations.[/tie_slide]




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