3 Don’ts in Food Packaging and Processing by Ogbeh

Audu Ogbeh
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh


The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, issued out warnings to Nigerians on processing and packaging foods.

Ogbeh on Tuesday gave the warnings at the launching and National Dissemination of Food and Nutrition Policy in Abuja.

Here are the don’ts from the minister:



  1. Use of grinding machine to grind vegetablesImage result for food grinding machine
    According to him, the machine was not good for such purpose. Ogbeh said that the machines which are being used to grind tomatoes, pepper and other vegetables, contain some elements which were harmful to the body.“The elements in those machines are produced in ordinary steel not stainless steel. As a result of that, a great deal of granules get into our food.
    “These granules are very poisonous to the liver and kidneys; no wonder cases of liver and kidney diseases in the country are on the increase,’’ the 69-year-old said.[/tie_slide]
  2. Use of cellophane bags (nylon) to package foods and waterImage result for moin moin in nylon
    Ogbeh also advised Nigerians not to use cellophane bags (nylon) to package foods and water.
    Using ‘moi-moi’ (bean pudding) as an example, he said that the food becomes poisonous when prepared and packaged in nylon bags.
    According to the minister, cellophane bags contain a large dosage of dioxins that are harmful to health.
    He advised lovers of moi-moi to use the traditional wrapping leaves rather than cellophane, adding that leaves do not contain such poisonous substance.[/tie_slide]
  3. Preservation of beans and grains with polythene bagsImage result for beans in polythene bagIn addition, the minister said beans and grains preserved with polythene bags could also be harmful, being stored at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
    He also said that the consumption of sachet water (pure water) exposed to over 28 degree Celsius temperature was dangerous for drinking.[/tie_slide]