Brands Must Take Digital Marketing Serious, LadiSpeaks advice

While speaking at an interactive session held last week in Lagos, Mr. Israel Ogunseye, widely known as LadiSpeaks, advised brands to strongly consider digital marketing as a big deal in its marketing plan.

LadiSpeaks, who is the Online Community Manager of TECNO Mobile Nigeria, advised brands who want to remain relevant in the ever dynamic world to shift its attention largely to the digital world.

He further added that, “In the world, we live in today; brands cannot afford to rub themselves with too much of traditional marketing while allowing digital marketing slip off its hands”.

Others who spoke at the interactive session further advised that the future holds great for brands who support the digital shift and key into it.
Mr. Eric Okafor, a famed tech influencer popularly referred to as KnewKeed also spoke at the session. He said “It is pitiable that some brands are not keying into Influencer Marketing yet”, “As a time tested and proven voice for brands, I have noticed that brands can reach out to more people while using influencers to do so”.
He further stated that, there is a clear distinction between trenders and infleuncers as some brands mistake these two for each other.
The Founding Partner of WavePlus Communications, Mr. David O. Raji advised brands who cannot find their voice in communicating their message to the world to use agencies that are proven to do so.


He said, even small businesses can employ the services of communications agencies as the market space is very large and there is huge competition for attention and voice among brands.
He said, we at WavePlus understand what digital communications is clearly and has set out to make a difference in its operations as an agency.
The interactive session was held in Lagos, Nigeria to discuss a way forward for marketing communications with brands in Nigeria.


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