Erasing Kwankwassiya Inscriptions On Public Structures Waste Of Resources – Kwankwaso

Governor-Rabiu-Musa-KwankwasoThe immediate past governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has advised the Umar Ganduje administration in the state to desist from erasing Kwankwassiya inscriptions on public structures, saying the exercise was a waste of resources and time.

The Kano House of Assembly had last month ordered the immediate removal of all Kwankwassiya inscriptions on all public buildings in Kano metropolis and other local government areas of the state.

Kwankwassiya inscriptions can be found on public buses roofs of public buildings pedestrian interlocks, parameter fences, schools etc in Kano State.

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Reacting to the move to erase the name of his political movement from all public inscriptions, the former governor, who spoke yesterday, said instead of “squandering the state’s scarce resources on a futile exercise, the government should use such funds to revitalize the education sector, which is deteriorating”.

Kwankwaso, who spoke through an aide, Muhammad Tajuddeen Usman, during an event organized to empower women, also urged his supporters to remain calm.

“The Kwankwassiya movement can never be erased from your minds. This is why I am asking the state government to desist from erasing our symbols on public structures because it is a total waste of resources and time. They should instead channel the funds to reviving education which they have allowed to deteriorate”, he said.

He added that if the government insists on deleting all Kwankwassiya logos in the state, then they should be prepared to establish a whole ministry to carry out the exercise because it is an impossible task.

“You should remain steadfast in your belief in Kwankwaso; they can’t take that away from you. The time will come when your votes will be more than dollars. That is when we will ask you to follow a certain direction to change your destinies”, he said.

On his part, Chairman of the Kano Project Protection Agency (Kano PRO-PA), Mahmoud Sani, who organized the event, said about 75 women were re-empowered with about N800,000 as a reward for utilizing an earlier empowerment benefit given to them four years ago.