Why Mohammed Babangida dragged ex-wife Rahma to Sharia Court

Mohammed, son of Former Nigerian Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has initiated a legal battle with his ex wife, Rahma for custody of their two eldest kids.


According to court documents obtained exclusively by LIB and also confirmed from a reliable source, Mohammad initiated the custody battle to finally reunite his children together and cut-off every trace of Rahma from their lives. The source said, their eldest kids Maryam and Ibrahim are reportedly in Rahma’s custody, while the two youngest ones are with him in Minna.


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Mohammed took the custody battle with his ex wife to a Sharia Court in Minna, Niger state and sources close to the case say they suspect foul play, saying not only was judgement allegedly carried out without Rahma and her representatives being present, but allegations are being made that the Babangidas are manipulating the case, especially since they have notable influence in the state.

The Court has now ordered Rahma to hand over the two children to their father, pending the determination of a substantive suit. An insider claims this shouldn’t be so. To learn more about Child custody under sharia law. READ HERE.


There is also an allegation about threats to life being made and a police report being filed to address it. Whether it’s about the custody battle or the controversial audio that was supposedly leaked via Rahma’s Instagram page, LIB can’t confirm yet until they acquire proof.

From the documents acquired, Rahma has since replied and objected to the Sharia’s court judgement via an FCT Area court.

Source: LIB


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