20-foot-tall snowman built in 3 weeks by Canadian family

A Canadian man said it took him and his family about three weeks to construct a massive 20-foot-tall snowman outside of their home.

Joshua Dueck posted a video to YouTube showing how he and his family created a hollow tube large enough for a person to fit inside that became the snowman’s skeleton.


The family packed snow around the frame and molded it into the shape of a giant snowman, which they then decorated.

“This beast was a work in progress for about 3 weeks,” Dueck wrote.

“We built a form and hauled loads of snow into an auger from Westfield which poured into the top of the form. Then we carved the snowman out of the cylinders we formed and added the eyes, nose and buttons. The snowman is even hollow on the inside so you can climb up into it and look out the mouth! It is just over 20 feet tall and attracts plenty of attention along our road!”

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