2face Disgraced on Social Media Ahead of Planned Protest Against Buhari

As Nigerians look forward to the anti-government protest called for by Nigerian legendary singer Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2face, dissenting voices have heaped criticisms on the father of 7.

The scholar regarded 2face as an illiterate that was freely impregnating ladies here and there thereby culminating into having 7 kids from three different women.
According to Mr. Adetoye, a man like 2face who has failed to govern his home as a man and father is not fit to protest against the current administration.
It would be recalled that prominent Nigerian celebrities like Burna Boy, Davido, Olamide and several other crowd-pulling personalities have pledged support to the unscheduled anti-government protest which is projected to take place nationwide.
See a screenshot of the Facebook message below:
Source: Tori.ng


  1. Akindele is a bloody bush fucker for speaking bad on world and Nigeria most decorated musical legend 2baba. a man who made it from the grass. his personal life remains golden and 2face leading a protest us acceptable because Nigeria is not your president personal affairs like 2face and his kids. useless hungry politician.

  2. To me u’re the most illiterete here what does that got to do with the price of things in the market..? forget about his personal life look at the reasons and aim of the protest, when the were campaining do the said they were going to increase fuel price to 145..? or dollar to 500..? or kerosine to 500..? or to increase power tariff while in blackout, a bag of rice from 6000 to 19,000…? i can go on and on, come’on. mr prof. tell us which of this got to do with 2face having sex with or without condom here..? rubbish. there’s no country in Africa that u can increase the price of just Bread without xplanation. Hey nigerians is time to wakeup and held our government accountable for good governants. we’re not cowards PLS.

  3. This Professor of inflation is acting like a scumbag. Do not attack the messenger, address the message. What has Tuface personal life has to do with the excruciating hardship in Nigeria? We need to wise up in this country and call a spade a spade.

    • This is one of the fake professor we have in this country,why many professors are proffering solutions to the problems in there country.this one ran to social media watering his mouth with what does not concern him. Pls can someone help me to him what does this protest has to do with 2Baba personal life? Enemy of progress,hater, this is one of the professor that put this country in the present situation.I no blame you wey e be sey na fake certificate you go dey carry up and down.

  4. Mr prof. I think it’s better to have been a taxi driver than this so called professor cause you have just displayed the explanation, sentiment is what I see you… But however, what does the singer’s private life got to do with the protest?

  5. Someone out there should please help me tell Akindele Adeoye, or what’s his name, that this is not about education or literacy or knowledge, but concern, feeling etc. Is d President as educated as d Utomis, d Jonathans, d Akindeles, of this country, yet he is today d president of d Federal Republic of Nigeria, that up till date Buhari’s certificate case is still in court. So what is Mr. Akindele talking about? If he wants patronage from Buhari, he should work harder than calling 2Face names. Akindele himself might be a product of polygamous set up. In Africa, it’s only men that can live the life 2Face is living nd still be successful in a chosen career, if Akindele think it’s easy let him try it and see. How educated are Bill Gates, of Microsoft, Thomas Edison, of General Electric Motors, our Orji Uzor Kalu, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook, Ted Turner of CNN, amongst over 50 world less educated billionaires, but they still influences the Akindeles of this world. The worst that will happens to a man is to be highly educated and still be very illiterate like the Akindeles. Education is not all about acquiring certificates, but it’s when the likes of Akindeles are deaf and dumb to the pains and cries of the masses.

  6. To you adetoye or what are u called. u are a big disgrace to the citizen of this country n even to the sensible ones in your family that will not only judge base on relationship. we are talking about protest for good governance u talking about somebody impregnated 3 ladies, what’s ur business with that , I will strongly believe u even have more than one wife n if not u have many concubines , so tell in what way have u lived a better life to the person u are condemning. You thought u can use this ur old mumu that u call sense buy olamide,davido n co, oga those are wiser n more reasonable than you. I know you are saying all these because of the bone they’ve given you(dog) n you wanna kill urself 4 that forgetting that bones are always covered with meat n bothered to knw who n when did they the meet……………..u need to be more reasonable n compassionate brother. God bless u

  7. Mr. Akindele Akintoye, why do you speak like an uncivilised person? Have you led an examplary life yourself? Is your wife the only woman you have slept with in your entire life? Remove the log in your eyes before seeing the splinter in Tuface’ eyes and perhaps you’re a millionaire in these trying times, so if you don’t have anything positive or constructive to say about the protest, kindly keep your wide mouth shut

  8. This professor of doom is nothing but a nitwit n people like dis should be dealt with cos so many of their type sleep with innocent girls round the campus. May d suffering of all Nigerians bring rot upon this professor for this defamatory attack on 2face. I am Aminu I.B

  9. This Adetoye character funny o. So na him come go school. I fear o. All these acada people no be dem don kill our country die ?Maybe na one of the people where don chop belle wise for this clueless Association of Past Criminals(APC) government.
    Abeg make e pack well o. Abi 2Baba don steal him girlfriend ? See him mouth. Better people de talk, him sef get mouth talk.
    Make him siddon for house and watch other men do what he is not man enough to do.
    Yeye de smell.

    • Mr Professor or whatever ur name is,if u don’t shut that ur stinky gutter,I will shut it up for you. By the way,who told u your opinion was needed in this matter all u bunch of failures,listen wait for your death date,the protest must continue,we the youths are taking our destiny in our hands,no more you bunch of old failures. Respect yourself.