A Defiler, Cultist And Robber Confesses At TB Joshua’s Church (photos)


The rays of moonlight did little to soften the sickening scene. As the clock struck midnight, they struck his body with even more aggression. Agonizing cries rented the dark forest. A concoction was hurriedly prepared. A vow undertaken, shrouded in secrecy. And blood exchanged. The initiation was complete; the destruction had only just begun…

Christian by name; satan by nature. The Kogi State indigene was already a drunkard and drug addict when a ‘friend’ approached him in university one day. A seemingly innocent invitation for a night out of drinks turned into something much more sinister when a group of ominous men clad in black led him to a forest in the dead of night. The young man was initiated that night into a dangerous secret cult. Thereafter, what was already bad became much worse!

Christian followed his fellow cultists out for armed robbery operations, regularly committing atrocities such as rape to unwilling victims he and his colleagues terrorized. Uncontrollable anger became his slogan and only slight respite would come when blood had flowed and damage caused. The once bright, intelligent student left university, covering his body with weird tattoos, each with its own spiritual consequence. Various flings with ladies finally culminated in an unwanted pregnancy, Christian choosing to marry the lady in question whilst continuing in extra-marital affairs. During her pregnancy, he would beat her regularly to the point where she was hospitalized.

Forced to visit The SCOAN by his insistent mum, who even separated from her husband over his atrocities, Christian reluctantly sat in the service last week when Prophet T.B. Joshua began mass prayer. As God’s power descended, the demons of cultism rescinded! He found himself sprawling on the floor, an incredible weight lifted from his once heavy shoulders. Deliverance had come!

The following night, an incredible revelation came. Christian saw himself in the midst of smokers and worldly revelers when someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was Prophet T.B. Joshua. Beckoning on him, he led him from the darkness to a room filled with light and worshipers of every tribe, race and nationality. Stunned by the brilliance of the light, Christian struggled to look up where he beheld a golden throne, gleaming in splendor and glory. “Your name is Christian”, a voice from above boomed. “Follow the meaning of your name – Christ-like.” Waking up in a pool of sweat, confirmation from Heaven had come. Freedom!
Reminding the congregation and viewers all over the world of Romans 12:1, Christian advised today’s youth to submit themselves to God because the same God that delivered him can also deliver them too.

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