Man breaks world record after crushing 77 drink cans with his elbow

A martial artist from Pakistan set a world record by crushing nearly 80 drink cans using his elbow.

Muhammad Rashid quickly delivered several mighty elbow strikes as he crushed a total of 77 full cans to set the Guinness World Record for “Most drink cans crushed with elbow in one minute.”

He sent foamy liquid splashing into the crowd as he delivered a powerful strike to each individual can.

Rashid, a multiple world record holder, claimed his newest record in front of a large audience in Gemona, Italy during an event organized by Associazione Cons.erva.

He is also the founder and president of Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts and holds multiple martial arts related records including most nunchaku hits in one minute, most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute, most walnuts crushed with elbow in one minute and most spins of a fire staff in one minute.