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“I’m In A New Relationship, I Can’t Reconcile With My Ex” – Doris Simeon

Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon who has made her dislike for her ex-husband and his new partner, Stella Damasus known in the past has revealed that she is in a relationship and therefore has no business reconciling with her ex-husband.

The actress in a recent chat with The Sun talked about her relationship with her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan which ended in 2010 after he dumped her for fellow actress, Stella Damasus.

When asked about her current relationship status‎ and if she’s not thinking of giving marriage a second chance? She replied “Like I used to say, it is not the end for me concerning marriage. If God says it is time, fine. if not, all well and good. I am satisfied and not in a hurry. God has the final say. I am not rushing at all, maybe, because I have tasted it before”The Yoruba actress also hinted she cannot reconcile with him anymore and not even for their child’s sake.

However, when asked if she’s seeing someone at the moment she answered “I am in a relationship but I have decided to make my relationship mine and not for the public. My business with the public is my career.”

Conclusively, she advised those presently going through what she through, saying “Cry, shed the tears, cry very well in your closet and pray very well at the same time and then forge ahead; don’t dwell on your past. That is why I said cry it out so it won’t kill you but focus on your future. If you stay with your past I am sorry-o, you will just kill yourself.”


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