KCee’s dress sense defended by Uche Nnaji for being called “Igbotic”

Uche Nnaji who is a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Ouch, has come forward to defend Nigerian singer, Kcee over his dress sense which has been a topic on social media page and among presenters for a while.

The fashion entrepreneur who chose to address the issue following a presenter’s labeling of the Singer’s dress style as ‘igbotic’ on a National Television took to his social media page on Instagram to vent that the bashing needs to stop.

According to Uche Nnaji, throwing insults at the singer who is much older and successful is wrong adding that image is all that matters in the choice of the Five Star Music act’s style

He wrote on his Instagram page:

“This needs to STOP!!! A situation where individuals go on NATIONAL Television and throw insults at another individual who is not just more SUCCESSFUL, but also OLDER than them is all shade of WRONG.

On what parameters were these ladies drawing their conclusion?
How knowledgeable did they prove to be on MEN Style & IMAGE matters? How objective were they in their analysis? When they clearly do not even understand the A.B.C principle of IMAGE?

I watched to see if they would even talk about KCee’s BODY TYPE and PROPORTION and maybe proffer SOLUTIONS but they never did ,obviously because they as presenter lack basic professional training or EXPERIENCE on Style & IMAGE matters.

SECONDLY, what was calling him IBOTIC about? Is he not an IBO man? When did it become a crime for an IBO man to speak in his mother tongue? Would an ITALIAN, ENGLISH or CHINESE man speak like an Igbo man?

And by the way I am not a fan of KCee’s STYLE and thinks a little HELP won’t be bad if he sees the NEED, but I am sick and tired of seeing young folks who themselves require tutoring on SARTORIAL matters , ignorantly PROUDing on media platforms just because they don’t know better. Please Let me go back playing with my Ophelia who was just screaming in disbelief at their comments.”