Solidstar declares love for his UK based baby mama

No doubt, Solidstar is one proud dad gushing about love! The singer who welcomed a baby with his British girlfriend  is  obviously infatuated with his baby mama.

He shared a photo of little Josh (son) with his mother writing, “I didn’t want to fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled Nd holy shit I blew it.

It also seems like wedding bells would be tolling soon.

Solidstar welcomed Josh in October with his UK-based lover. After his birth Solidstar travelled to the UK to spend some time with his new born.

He recently laid rumours to rest with the parternity of his son. The singer who is taken with his adorable little boy, Joshua wrote, “For those of you talking poo, guess this wuld shut ur gutter mouth up.

On January 20 Solidstar released a new single ‘Wait’ featuring Davido.