$13 million scandal : Saraki says Nigerians need to know who owns the money

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has frowned over the confusion surrounding the money N13 billion found in an apartment in Ikoyi by EFCC operatives on April 12th. The Senator who was live on Arise TV on Tuesday said, Nigerians deserve to know the owner of the money .

Saraki faulted the antigraft agency for not revealing the identity of the owner of the money after 7 days of discovery, he described the current situation as a circus which must stop.

He said, “I believe this is something simple that the organisation (EFCC) should manage even before the speculation started coming out. The circus has to come to end as to whether it belongs to individuals, companies, agencies or a state government.

”We however believe they will sort it out and eventually tell Nigerians who owns the money. Nigerians deserve to know. The circus must stop. I believe progress will be made faster if the process is transparent. Those are ways to strengthen institutions.

”When the process is transparent up to the investigative stage, people will not believe that it is because of this person that so, so, person is being prosecuted. Corrupt people are very patient, but with a transparent process, the fight against corruption will be won. On our part, we are doing all it takes to strengthen institutions.

”We have four bills before us, one is with the constitution amendment committee, and one has been taken back by the executive.”