What are the content in Queen Elizabeth II’s handbag?

Ordinarily, most people want to know the contents of a woman’s handbag. And when it comes to the most powerful woman on earth — Queen Elizabeth II — the curiosity becomes intense.

For the monarch, who has been in the public arena for decades, her trusty handbags have not only become an iconic symbol of her royal style, their contents have also become objects of intense speculation!

Her Majesty, The Queen

The size and style
The boxy-shaped bag made by Launer, which is always carried on her left arm, is compact enough to not get in the way when the Queen shakes hands, but is large enough to hold everything she needs.

Launer’s CEO, Gerald Bodmer, told HELLO! magazine, “All bags made for the Queen are bespoke, made of the softest calf leather.

“The style she has been using most in recent years is the Traviata, a simple shape with short handles and the famous Launer silver twisted rope logo used as a clasp on the front.”

All the royal’s handbags are lined with a very lightweight full-grain suede, in such a way that she can easily find objects inside.

The contents

Well-informed opinion suggests the following:

• Her reading glasses

• A handkerchief

• Mint lozenges

• A fountain pen

• A portable hook which is used to hang the bag neatly under tables.

• A mirror

• Lipstick

• A crisply folded £5 note to donate to the church collection on Sundays.

• Treats for her much-loved corgis

• Sometimes, a crossword puzzle cut from a newspaper

• A pen knife.

• A diary

• A small camera.

• A pair of binoculars at horse races.

• No cell phone.

• Perfume.

• Small metal make-up case that Prince Philip gave her as a wedding gift nearly 70 years ago.

• Good-luck charms such as miniature dogs, horses, saddles and brass horsewhips.

• A handful of family photographs.


Bag as coded message

When the Queen places her bag on the table it means she wishes to take her leave in around five minutes.

• Putting it on the floor tells aides to speak to a guest or move them along the table.

• During meet-and-greets, the royal may choose to drop the bag to one side in a certain manner, telling her staff it’s time for her to move on.

• She may also use the solid, square bag to gain personal space when someone gets a little too close.

Number of bags

• So just how many handbags does the Queen own? About 300.

• The responsibility to look after the coveted accessory lies with the monarch’s trusted designer and dresser, Angela Kelly.

Sources: royal biographer; Launer bag maker (Gerald Bodmer); author of What’s In The Queen’s Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets, Phil Dampier.


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