Comedian Arinze Baba Explains Why He Was Brutalized By Soldiers Yesterday

Yesterday’s story was headlined “Ambush” by a close source. Today, the real story has been revealed by Arinze Baba himself.

According to the prominent comedian, on his way back from a show at Enugu his vehicle met serious traffic jam which was caused by a certain Police checkpoint and every road user was eager to get up front as quickly as possible.

In an attempt to get in front, the driver of a certain Toyota Sequoia jeep with transparent front window and tinted back window ordered Arinze Baba’s vehicle to let them get in front, but Arinze Baba not knowing the tinted window abstracted 2 Soldiers, said “Why? We want to get off the traffic jam too”

Immediately after that the two soldiers jumped down and started whipping Arinze Baba with a koboko, told him to get down and started hitting him with their guns until he got injured. All these happened for over one hour but came to an end when the two soldiers saw a military van coming from a distance.

They, according to Arinze Baba also threatened to shoot anyone who tries to take any picture of the incident. The reason why Arinze Baba was unable to identify the soldiers and their plate number.

This is one other military brutality on civilians.


Source: Naija On Point