Ex-girlfriend of the Uber driver lover speaks out over his trending love story (Details+photos)

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A trending love story which started with an Uber ride got everyone “awwing” yesterday.
The ex-girlfriend of the man has now spoken out. Usually, when such claims are made anonymously or without evidence of a relationship, we will not share. However, in this case, the ex has posted on her personal Instagram page, included her full name as well as included photos documenting their relationship.


THE UBER GUY”S ALLEGED LOVE STORY, First off i heard Shola – got married but i kept quiet because i wanted to let things slide while recovering from the torture he put me through. After Church today i kept on receiving calls and tags from my friends about the so called love story. Wow what a wicked world!

Anyway i have decided to break the silence…… I am Temile – i met Shola 2014 when he just graduated from Delsu, i was with him before he travelled to the UK at Salford University for his Masters. After their Masters, himself and his brother relocated back to nigeria with nothing but the car they bought for their Uber business. I accommodated them, fed them( he loves Ukodo’ yam pepper soup with goat meat) i did everything to make him happy. I always spent my salary before month end and also borrow money from @miss_beckiesha @chickittto just for him to stand on his feet. After a while he started the Uber business and he got an apartment with his Lawyer friend and brother at Surulere. He kept on complaining about how bad business was, i will give him money to fix his car, to fuel his car, to the extent that there was a day his car was towed at Computer village i had leave the office to Oshodi to pick up the car. He lived in a 2 bedroom flat with his brother and friend, i will cook , clean, subscribe his smile wifi just to make him happy.

At times because he shares a room with his brother ,we will sleep in the living room on the floor and he will make promises of how he will never forget all i have done for him. Along the line because I accommodated him and his brother at my company’s apartment,I was reported to my MD by my colleague and i lost my job. He started acting funny, along the line I was duped of the sum of 2million from my weavon business money by an agent in Dubai. He changed and started giving me attitude eventually I got pregnant. I was 6 weeks pregnant then i applied for a US VISA and my interview was in Abuja. He drove me to the airport after agreeing that when am i granted the visa, myself and my unborn child and him can have a better life he also promised he was going to pay my bride price before travelling.

Unfortunately i was denied the visa, i ended up crying eyes out at the embassy ,I called him on phone and told him everything that had happened. On 27th of August 2016 i came back to lagos but he wasn’t at the airport to pick me up as planned, i called him but he wasnt picking up so i took a taxi straight to his house and met him at home. Later that night, he called me and told to go for an abortion but i refused and told him having an abortion will be the last thing on my mind, he was yelling saying he doesnt want a liability but i stood my ground saying i won’t go for an abortion and i received a resounding slap on my face , he kept on pushing his weight on my petite self saying he was going to kill me and i was screaming but he kept on using his fist and if not for the timely intervention of his neighbour i would have been dead by now and his brother and friend wasn’t around. I passed out and i found myself in a nearby clinic where i was told that i have lost my baby and had internal pain in my arms. He never bothered to call nor apologise to me .

Four days later, i knew nobody will be at home, i went to his house and i took his school credentials infact all his documents, i wanted to commit suicide with it but my family members and friends begged me not to. I had to give the documents back to a friend to give them back to him after much plea from his friends and family members. He never called to apologize till date, All for me to hear that he got married. The funniest part is I still wasnt bothered until i read the trash his wife wrote about him, this was a man cheating on me with this same lady simply because things became tight and i wasn’t giving him money the way i used to. There is an African proverb that says”the cane that was used to beat the first wife is on the top roof for the second. Sigh I remember when Shola and Toju – had food poisoning i was the one taking care of them, to the extent of bathing him and carrying him to poo.

Part 3….. Remember one thing, the blood of my unborn child is on ur head , u are murderer , my friends saw through you and they kept on warning me but i refused thinking they were haters. I was the perfect girlfriend bcos i saw a future in us not knowing u were after the money . You couldn’t even pretend for a while when things wasn’t working well for me. @bigsholz i was dating you until August 27th and u engaged a lady september 21st.

I got to realised that he actually wanted me to go to d US and be funding him while he is married here. I should have listened to my dearest aunty that told me to send your document so she could dump it in Los Angeles beach for me. @bigsholz Gregory -, every pain you made me go through, you will go through same in a hundred fold in the mighty name of Jesus amen! I remember when i shopped for you, @bigsholz and your brother Toju.

I have decided to leave you in the hand of God , i know some people will say i am a hater but no i am not, i just hate the fact that he is deceiving his wife and also he is portraying a perfect picture of him it is so disgusting. I am pained to see myself doing this but i don’t have a choice. I had to come out and say everything i went through in the hands of this beast, pretender, he knows how to a pet a lady to a fault until he showed me his true colours. I know lots of people that can bear me withness about how u treated me. How i lost my pregnancy, keep on pretending it wont be long before u show her ur colours eventually you will. Good night everyone

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