Court orders 47 year-old man to knee down and face the wall in court( Read up what was his offence)

Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State on Tuesday ordered a 47- year-old carpenter, Ojo Ajayi, to kneel down and face the wall for contempt.

The President of the court, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, ordered that Ojo, a father of three, who rejected the judgment of the court in a matter between him and his wife, Yemisi, kneel for disrespecting the court.

The judge had ordered that Ajayi, who was the defendant in the matter, be arrested for saying that he would not accept the court’s judgment that the children be in the custody of the complainant.

The court also ordered the man to pay N10, 000 monthly for the upkeep of the children and in addition be responsible for the payment of their school fees.

The decisions irked Ajayi, who grumbled openly that he would not pay any money.

“I will not pay any money for the children’s upkeep, I want custody of my children,” he said.

Thereafter, the judge ordered him to kneel down and face the wall, while she attended to other cases.

Delivering earlier, the judgment, Ojo said: “Court has heard and examined the evidence of both parties and finds that the plaintiff has sufficiently proved her case.

“The totality of the evidence and the demeanour and attitude of the defendant throughout the proceeding shows that the defendant has never been responsible for the care of his children.

“Court will not condone any man, who in bid to shy away from responsibilities, hides under obnoxious statement of wanting custody of the children.

“Defendant needs to be forced to live up to his responsibilities towards his children.

“Therefore, court orders that the defendant pay N10,000 monthly upkeep of the children in plaintiff’s custody.

“The monthly upkeep payment is with effect from the month of July in addition to payment of school fees.”

Yemisi had approached the court to order her husband to be awake to his responsibilities and allow her to have the custody of the children.

She alleged that the husband was ashamed to associate with her because she was an albino and as a result made her and the children suffer.

The defendant, however, denied the claim that he was not taking care of the children and prayed the court to grant him custody of the children.

Source: (NAN)