Married Woman Caught Pants Down With Another Man While Her Husband Battled For Life in Hospital

Yolanda Solomon, a Zimbabwean woman from Mvurwi was caught pants down with another man while her husband was battling for life at hospital, a court heard on Sunday

According to Citizens Report, Yolanda Solomon was caught red-handed pants down with Christopher Kadyara at Lucknow farm in Mvurwi last week while Solomon’s husband Potifah Kachiri was in hospital.

Kadyara pleaded guilty to the charge of snatching a married woman and was fined.

Meanwhile, Kachiri still loves his wife and has forgiven her for her shenanigans.

Cases of infidelity in the Area Chief, Makope’s area of jurisdiction are mushrooming and he has vowed to punish the culprits accordingly.

Commenting on the issue Chief Makope had this to say: “Cases of infidelity are on the rise in my area of jurisdiction but l will not take anything to chance the culprits will be punished accordingly.”