Hushpuppi Finally Opens Up On His Source Of Wealth

Hushpuppi claims that he’s a beggar by profession, This, according to him, is to assure Nigerians who have been demanding to know what he does for a living and the source of his wealth.


Source: Linda Ikeji

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  • please Nigeria live this man alone, he work for his money and we only talk to people that hustle because we never want good for people that work for money. but you people we never talk about the government that eat all our money without doing anything. I regret be a Nigeria because this people as turn many people to what people don’t want to be. please do your own work stop talking to this man. enemies of progress

  • Why are some peoples so jealous in some thing they known they can even get in next two hundred years. enemies of progress .
    you people should go and make your own money and leave alone some one that is blessed .
    you don’t know when he was suffering even do you we’re around that time you can’t help him now he has made it you will be looking for fault.that why you people don’t progress in life bcoz you never mind your own business wicked people bro don’t mind them foolish peoples. flex your money na your time one day I will be like you ?

  • please hush puppi help me w
    ith 1milion naira,i’m one of your biggest fans ready to die for you……..HUSH BABA.

  • I dnt care abt ur moni,nor where u got it 4rm what is important is are u a born again christian ,huh what shall it profit a man to gain d whole world nd lose his dear soul.Death can take u anytime ar u immortal? jesus can come soon the scripture says”he shall come lik a thief in the night”where u end ur lyf hell or heaven,philantropy nd riches is not the key to heaven it is ur salvation do u think it is by ur power u are alive to spend moni.God wants u to change,am sure if u are christian u wont be extravagant nd or showing off around.Everytin God gives is perfect 4rm above.

  • hmmmm baba hush just pay ur haters no mind OK. it’s your time but know this that the end justifies the means. baba na ur soul mata pass…..

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