See this hilarious Cv man who filled it using Google autocomplete

Writing a CV can prove to be a lengthy task. This man wrote his own using Google autocomplete and has revealed the hilarious result.

London based author Aaron Gillies, who goes by the Twitter username TechnicallyRon, decided to take a risk with his CV – by using Google autocomplete to fill out the entire thing.

After which he took to Twitter to upload a photo of his newly-completed CV. He captioned the photo:

“I needed to update my CV so I did it all through google autocomplete and soon I will have every job”.

Using autocomplete, Aaron ended up telling potential employers that his name is Khan, that he lives alone and that his phone “won’t turn on”.

When it came to his date of birth, Aaron wrote “I was born” and autocomplete finished the sentence with: “to love you.”

Further autocomplete additions stated that Aaron is married to England, that he identifies as a wolf and that he is trained in “gorilla warfare”.

Google autocomplete even said that Aaron is “good at nothing” but can “carry you”.

The end of the CV read:

“Please hire me, I need money so I can purchase apps on my iPhone” before signing off: “thank you for your service”.

Check it out below:

cv Google autocomplete twitter

cv Google autocomplete

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