25 years old Nigerian-Brazilian guy wants to reunite with his father whom he last saw 9 years ago

This young Nigerian Brazilian born guy wants to reunite with his father whom he last saw when he was a teenager.

Here’s a message we received earlier;

This young man whose image is attached, is looking for his father.

His name is Chinedu Sampaio Chukwudebelu, his father’s name is Mr Erustus Chukwudebelu. His father is a Nigerian but this guy don’t really know which of the state his dad came from. He had him with a Brazilian Woman. He is 25 years old now and lastly saw his dad when he was just 16 years old.

The Brazilian mom knows Mr Erastus Chukwudebelu (the guy’s father) as a South African and not as a Nigerian because his passport bears a South African Identity. The Father chooses to change Nationality because Nigeria has bad reputation in some foreign countries and it might be difficult for him to get a job with Nigerian identity.

This guy hasn’t been to Nigeria before but he wishes to touch down as soon as we help him reunite with his Father..

Please if know Mr Erastus Chukwudebelu, his relatives or have any idea on how to contact him chat me up via Messenger or WhatsApp 08068464597 The lady below is his mom…