Ooni of Ife’s marriage allegedly crashes, wife accused of ‘unpublishable’ issues, marriage devoid of love

The marriage of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II and Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi has allegedly crashed.

According to a report by thecapital.ng, Olori Wuraola was accused of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows.


Read the report below….


“*Why Olori Wuraola Ran To Obasanjo For Quick Intervention.

Alas, one year down the line, the marriage has crashed irretrievably. The well-celebrated marriage has run its full course. While it lasted, they had no child.

Inside sources described the marriage as a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love; they accused Olori of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Even as you read she is not on talking terms with her in-laws. The allegations are as wide as they are wild.

Back then when Olori Wuraola held sway, she had the world at her feet; she got her wishes at the snap of a finger and she literally ruled the royal household. Wherever he went, she was constantly by his side. She basked in the stratospheric adulation that came with being the apple of the Ooni’s eyes. Pray, who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately, things have changed and many within the palace now snigger and sneer at her for losing her position as the queen to one of the most powerful Monarchs in Africa.

Curiously, however, on arrival from a trip recently, Olori Wuraola scurried to the home of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene and probably advise her husband not to be influenced to dump her like a bad habit and get another wife. Both have since gone their separate ways perhaps ruing what was and what could have been.”


    • The on I needs his faculties checked himself, the amount of insult in the press upon this Lady is unacceptable, the only crime here is that she married him and she is not a Yoruba, within the Royal court they ate enemies wanting her out

  • Pls whatever it is dont just add more to it, settle it amicably for love doesnt hate neither does it keep malice. there is no perfect home anywhere.

  • “Marriage is grace” in quote, it is not how far, but it is how well. If truly the union is ordain by God, there shall be settlement, but if not ordain by God. I pray the union should dissolve, cuz it does not worth it for a gentle and God fearing man like Ooni of ife to be ridicule, despite his status. ALL IS WELL. eni to ni ori ko ni fila, eni tio ni fila ko ni ori. Meaning He who has head has no cap, and He who has cap has no head

  • Yoruba Elders should wade into this matter before it degenerates into something else. it’s is a respectable oracle in Yorubaland and does not lie. if the oracle has truly chosen our sister Wuraola to be the Olori (Queen) of this dynasty, then I believe peace will eventually reign. However, there are things Queen Wuraola ought to have prepared herself, body and soul for. One, a typical Yoruba Oba is never a monogamist, two, ordinarily, a king hardly have time for the normal husband and wife night affair, not talk if Oonirisha. She should also tread gently with her in-laws. Her beauty and riches may intimidate them, all she needs is to humble herself and be friendly. I am very sure, the problem here is not likely to be tribalism but mannerism.

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