Jean-claude Van Damme’s Son Arrested For Holding His Roommate At Hostage (VIDEO)

Camera footage has been leaked of martial arts expert & Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme’s son was arrested for allegedly holding his roommate at knife point.

The video shot by Tempe Police shows 21-year-old Nicholas Van Varenberg showing his identity to officers, before they returned to arrest him later in the evening.

His roommate at first tries to prevent police from entering the flat to check on Van Varenberg but is pushed aside by concerned officers checking to see if the injured man needs medical help.

The video shows an officer asking Van Varenberg for his name, which he unwillingly gives as “Nick Van Damme”.

But ABC reports that court documents reveal Van Varenberg became angry with his roommate for opening the door & officers soon returned after reports of loud banging coming from the residence.

Officers got no answer when they knocked on the door, but Van Varenberg’s roommate later found officers downstairs & told them Van Varenberg had held him inside the house at knife point & was “Acting crazy”.

In the video, Van Varenberg can be heard asking what he is being arrested for, & the officer tells him “Fighting with your roommate.”

Source: Nairaland

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