Why men, women who cheat should be treated equally – Singer, Simi

Nigerian Singer and sound Engineer, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye popularly known as Simi has said it is ridiculous that society is harder on women who cheat.

In an Interview with Hiptv, the 29-year-old said if both parties cheat in a relationship, they are both scum. She also said men and women are equal and we are supposed to value and be good to each other.

The “JOROMI” crooner said, “Nobody is allowed to cheat in a relationship, but they do it anyways. If a man cheats, he’s scum, if a woman cheats, she’s scum. Obviously, people are harder on women, if it happens to a woman.’’

“The society is harder on women who cheat, I think that is ridiculous.’’

‘’I feel like If you value what you have , If you value someone you are with, you are going to do your best to treat them right. It’s the same for both a guy and a girl.’’

“It’s a man’s world because we let it be a man’s world, It is not a man’s world because they have any special powers.’’

‘’It is not a woman’s world because we have any special powers, we are all supposed to be good to each other. I am supposed to value you as a man and you are supposed to value me as a woman.’’

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