Bobrisky went on a date with a rich man in Banana Island, shows off dollars

Bobrisky keeps doing whatever, so he can remain relevant on Social Media.

The last time, he made stirred up controversies yet again, after the death of a Popular openly gay man, Paul Arduad, who died from Anal Cancer.


Apparently, folks on Social Media, called on the Nigerian cross-dresser to desist from his gayish ways, so as not to end up with some sort of disease, that’d probably take his life, while others didn’t care.


Now, the transvestite, has yesterday night, revealed he’s got a new catch, a wealthy man who lives all way in Banana Island, Ikoyi.

He wrote on his Snapchat; “Going to see a new toaster at banana island. I’m a classy b***h”

He also revealed on his Snapchat, for folks to address him as Miss Bobrisky from now onwards.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky recently showed off the cash he recently made.. and it’s in dollars… He probably made it from knacking, his cream, or from his bae.. Whichever the case is.. He captioned the Bills with;

“Oseyyyyyy baddest….. baddest b***ch in town making d cash 💰. I know am stupid, foolish, Olodo, gay, wat other name do all dis HATERS call me 🙄. I can’t remember all but wat matter is my money 💰is coming in. Never give up. I think I need new haters cos d old one are now becoming fans.”

 Source – Yabaleftonline


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