Dayo Kujore returns with new album

Five years after the release of an album titled “Asiri Ife”, Soko music Exponent Adedayo Adisa Kujore aka Wonder Dayo Kujore has released another album.

Titled “Esan” ,the two tracker album was released on 23,October 2017,on Exotic music label, owned by Olusegun Adegbesan.

In the two track medley ,”Mo tuntigbede gbingbiniki odu” and the title track “Esan”, recompense, Kujore spoke about the relevance of juju music and how other genre of music borrow from the music,he also described the brand of music a very peaceful one.

Speaking after the release, the Soko music exponent said the album is a master peace and his fans will not be disappointed listening to it. “I’m still the same vintage Dayo Kujore, and I’m like the old wine which gets better on daily basis”

The CEO Exotic music, Olusegun Adegbesan, said the album is a masterpiece.

Dayo Kujore, a former guitarist in the late General Prince Adekunle’s band has spent over three decades in the music industry. He shot into limelight with the release of the album titled “Super Jet” ,followed by “Soko music” ,”Soko extra” and others. To date he has released over 16 albums.

source: Thenation