Atiku Abubakar condemns SARS

Former Vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has commended Nigerians for rising in unison to condemn alleged atrocities by the police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Mr. Abubakar,who tweeted via his official Twitter handle, said the harassment of citizens by policemen has no place in a democratic society.


  1. Atiku is talking out of sense is this the type of person that will lead the country to promise land am not surprised he’s highly corrupted person that’s why he can give room for yahoo yahoo

  2. you are not serous at Oluseye Sam, Mr Atiku is right, is it everybody using laptop that’s yahoo yahoo! presently in the country now if you dress neatly the so called Nigeria police will stop you and harass you as if no freedom of good clothes in the country again, because they want everybody to put on rag, even an Android phone you are in trouble with the police, after holding you then they will start quoting a law, that’s not even in the constitution just to get money from you, especially the so called SARS who harasses citizens everywhere as if no freedom of speech in the country anymore, if small Ghana can respect, and protect their citizens, with freedom and justice, I wonder why Nigeria can’t even give citizens freedom.

  3. every Nigerian should have a freedom of speech.Is true that is not in the constitution for a policeman to Harare any citizen but that is what they do because they want to get #50 from a person,which is bad.

  4. please we should be careful what we say because I think those who started this campaign are either armed robbers or their allies because only an armed robber would criticize SARS because the are very tough and have zero tolerance for robbery and related crimes. yes there should be check for every security agency but that doesn’t mean they should be abolish. SARS are doing great job and some of the testimonies by those calling for their abbolishment are fake testimonies they are baked. robbery is at record low in areas SARS are operating. more grease to their elbows


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