Former child star, Williams Uchemba starts #GiveChallenge

Presently based in United States, Former child actor, Williams Uchemba, has taken up a cause to put a smile on the faces of people on the streets.

The actor, who tagged the cause #GiveChallenge, has called on his colleagues in the industry to join him to make it bigger.

The actor, who has started giving out cash to people, while driving through some routes in Lagos, revealed that the new cause is borne out of what people on the streets are going through in Nigeria.

“I am giving a #givechallenge, this season to everyone on the street to help them have a good holiday as most of them can’t make ends meet.”

Narrating an incident that happened to an elderly man who lost his life while trying to sell his wares in the traffic, the actor noted that he had had sleepless nights after that.

“Let’s see how many people we can get off the streets. Tag every celebrity and known celebrities you no can join this challenge. Let’s put smiles on people faces and help them have a good and memorable holiday,” he wrote.

One of the celebrities that have accepted the challenge is Peter Okoye.

Presently the Deputy Nigerian Youth Rep Youth Assembly at the United Nations, Uchemba is a graduate of University of Nigeria with a degree in International Relations. In 2002, he won the award for ‘Best Kid Actor’ in Nigeria for his role in the movie Oh My Son.

source: Thenation


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