Meet new Nigerian singing twin duo E-Square who are set to overtake P-Square

The twins are said to be the founders of Tolotolo Family Foundation, a registered NGO in Nigerian and United States of America.

The Orphanage gives interest free loans to business people, scholarship for students and free health care for some. E-Square is about to release a song titled Egwu Ngwori (song for enjoyment). The twins are called E-Square but they have their names as Prince Hollywood and Caro Master.

They already have an introductory clip for the song on Youtube. They are said to be launching their Tolotolo Orphanage home in Owerri, Imo state on January 3, 2018.

Meet new Nigerian singing twin duo E-Square From the pictures, the twins do not seem to be singing for the money. The looked like men that already have some money from their philanthropic lifestyle.



  1. overtake my ass,in their wildest stupid dreams, its gonna take you guyz decades to level up with p-square,you guyz better lay low and learn from the world favorite square. p-square all the way.always

  2. P square also started frm som whr. If u guy beliv in ur self nd also beliv in God, u wil be lik them sum day. P square ar also doing gr8, just work on ur vibz u wil be lyk them sum day nd u can also mak a song wit them. Tnx


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