A month after wedding, Nigerian man discovers his pregnant wife, is carrying her boyfriend’s pregnancy.

A heartbroken Nigerian man has cried out on Social media after discovering the relationship between his newly wedded wife and her ex-boyfriend.

Lucky and His New Bride.

Apparently, the man Identified as Abogoh Luckyo on Facebook discovered that his months-old wife’s pregnancy isnt’t his, but for her ex-boyfriend.. and his wife has been communicating with the ex-boyfriend, professing her love for the man.

In one of the posts, she wrote; “I can’t believe that this is happening to me. This world is really a wicked place! Her parents knew that their Daughter’s Boyfriend had gotten her pregnant yet they hid the information from me and duped hard me and my hard earned money into getting married to their daughter, only to start peresuading me to undergo some goat-killing rituals so that all will be normal. Evil in this world is too much. Thank God I refused to do such Devil’s sacrifices”

Lucky had earlier shared a thank you note in December, thanking his family, bride’s family, friends and colleagues for gracing his wedding.

Screenshot credit: IB9ja

He only shared picture of the alleged boyfriend:

Also a picture of a paternity test he did on the pregnancy:

Lucky’s elder brother also spoke too:

Some pictures from their Traditional wedding:

Pictures from their White wedding:

Lucky also shared a screenshot of his wife’s chat with the ex-boyfriend, where she confessed to him that she was pregnant, and the baby’s his, but then she’d pin the pregnancy on someone else.

He also had a thing to say about her parents;

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