Daddy Freeze Cries Out After RCCG Did This To Him

Popular media personality and OAP, Daddy Freeze who is known for this #FreeTheSheeple movement, pleaded with The Redeemed Christian Church of God to remove him off their mailing list because he His not a member of their church.

Here is what he wrote;

Dear city of David, kindly remove me from your mailing list.

I’m not a member of your church, neither do I share your philosophy of praying for what developed nations work for and have largely achieved.

According to the RCCG website, you people have circa 33,000 branches. If you turned 10,000 of those branches into factories, you won’t need to pray and fast to ‘fulfill purpose’.

If another 10,000 were dedicated to ‘FREE EDUCATION’ less prayers would be dedicated to fulfilling purpose.

If the redeemed church made their schools FREE OF CHARGE AT LEAST FOR THEIR MEMBERS, it would be much easier for them to find their purpose and fulfill it!

I once took my kids to your primary school and I was told it was about 500k a term, do I need to say more?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the nations of China and UAE are fulfilling their purpose through hard work, innovation and charity, NOT PRAYER, emulate them!

Why 50 days of fasting and prayer? Even Jesus himself fasted only 40days…. The one you people prayed and fasted last year, how far had it taken the body of Christ? Or the nation as a whole?

Nigeria is predominantly christian with 51% of the population being christian, does it show? The richest nation on earth per capita is Qatar and it’s a Muslim nation, out of the top 8 wealthiest countries on earth per capita, 4 are Muslim nations and one is Buddhist, the only christian nations that made the list are predominantly Catholic. NOT ONE COUNTRY THAT IS PREDOMINANTLY PENTECOSTAL MADE IT TO TGE LIST AND THIS IS WHY!

While you dedicate 50days to praying and fasting, they are building their nation and would eventually lend us money!

A few days ago, Bill Gates came to bail us out by paying our $76million bill and you are here praying for fulfillment of purpose? ~FRZ


source: 36ng


  • What have these pastors contributed to the development of this nation or their members? Their only interest is to milk their gullible members dry.

  • You can talk talk all you want, after all that’s your profession. But watch the way you address a man of God. Enough of this blasphemy!

  • lol… at least 33,000 branches that’s helped and delivered good teachings of the Christianity precepts maintaining the available level of morality today
    Today the man can stand on the altar and say I need 10 billionaire’s to stand up and am sure more than 10 will rise who got there by virtue of the grace of God in that commission
    Mr daddy where are you and what are you doing only opening ur account to tweet irrelevant things that will be forgotten in weaks buh this commission’s will last for years and ages to come

  • God have mercy on us all.
    like my saying, Nigeria will be settled if some Nigerian pastors are truly conformed like Christ. Our selfish leaders in the country is due to our selfish pastors in the country. I’m not judging anyone but do you all remember that this world is not our own, alot of people take it as if is everlasting journey.
    Mr DaddyFreeze! is actually saying what he might have gone through and making some of us to be wise. Don’t be blind as a Christian by seeing the truth and saying it out.
    I had a story about the first missionary, The Catholic, Do you people know they are the one that implemented free educations then, the government took after it.
    Now, you see our churches schools much more expensive for people, this actually prompts the government schools to be higher in prices.
    Guess what the government are saying : isn’t their so call churches schools are expensive, if they can’t afford to pay they should go to their churches schools.
    we just need to fight right and talk right not pretending and quoting Bible…
    This selfish attitudes is affecting the youth, most of our leaders in church and mosque are preaching but not acting what they preaching…
    last year December 2017, a lady lost her child due to illegal charity a church was doing, can’t accept the people in, asking them to stay on the road because of 3dericas of rice in Ikeja.
    I don’t know maybe some leaders in the church don’t know that when they less school prices and some other things even the gentiles will serve of God.
    You better all say the truth and be set free!
    I support Daddyfreeze, maybe that will change some of this pastors mind…
    T. B Joshua is not famous much in the country but he is a True man of God that is doing what is saying, helping people with little he got. actually, I’m not against or support anybody but Christians have to be conformed to Jesus image not by saying but acting…
    we Nigerians so much have confidence in pastors but some pastors and Imam or Alpha have destroyed alot of people lives…
    Remember all that this earth is not our place ooo, helping each other will make this world a better place… mostly Nigeria.

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