Meet The 20 BBNaija 2018 Housemates, Their Profiles And Photos

Reality television show, Big Brother Naija 2018 has started in earnest with 20 contestants jostling to get the ultimate prize, a whopping N45 million. Here are details of all the 20 contestants you need to know about.


1. Tobi the 23-year old is from Ogun state. He is a banker and photographer who enjoys networking with people and playing football. His favourite food is plantain and eggs, whilst his favourite artiste is Davido. During his stay in the House, he will mostly miss his family and turning up. He will never be caught with a tongue piercing.



2. Cee-C’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

She considers herself to be eye candy and also mentally attractive and does not like judgemental people. She will miss her pillow and duvet whilst in the House. She is 25 and aspires to going to film school and becoming a producer.


3. Anto’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

This 28 year old is an Etsako indigene from Edo state. She grew up in the US but has always dreamt of coming back to work in Nigeria. Her favourite musician is Wande Coal. She intends to use the Big Brother platform to launch her public speaking career.


4. Leo’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Leo is a Lagos native. Leo is a 25-year old entrepreneur. He believe he will be a fan favourite because he is good looking and intelligent. His favourite colour is black and he enjoys eating jollof rice and fried turkey a lot. Unless he becomes dangerously ill, he has no plans to quit the show.

Ifu Ennada

5. Ifu Ennada’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Ifu Ennada is an actres, writer and TV host, Ifu Ennada is 26 and an indigene of Abia state. Her favourite book is “The Inverted Pyramid” and if she were an animal, she would be a parrot. She will miss her phone most whilst in the house. She believe that being a people’s person will make her a favourite in the House.


6. Khloe’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Khloe is a 24-year old fashion designer and is single. She loves horror movies and would be a cat, if she were an animal. She wants people to see the real her whilst she is in the House because she is sometimes misunderstood. 

She detests people who lie.


7. Bitto’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Bitto is a 26-year old on-air presenter who is currently in a loving relationship. His lowest moment was when he lost his mum. He would love to win so he can change his family’s perception of the entertainment industry.


8. Rico Swavey’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Rico Swavey describes himself as a protector who likes to stand up for the oppressed. He is a 25-year old actor who enjoys swimming and singing. He became a Housemate because he wants to create awareness about autism in support of his little cousin. 

He is a gentleman, charmer and a ladies man.


9. Bambam’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Bambam is 28 and The Secret is her favourite book. She will miss her brother and best friend whilst in the House. She is bringing drama, entertainment and charm to the House. If she were a world leader, she would change peoples’ perceptions about themselves.


10. Ahneeka’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Ahneeka is a 25-year old media entrepreneur who enjoys goofing around. She considers her sister to be her best friend. She loves eating pasta and her favourite colour is black. She doesn’t like dull moments so she will be livening up the House.


11. Miracle’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Miracle is a trained pilot who enjoys dancing and camping. He is 24 years old and single. He plans to charm the ladies whilst in the House and believes fans will find him unique too. If he wins the prize money, he’ll get more aeronautic training and help his family.


12. Princess’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Princess is a Public Relations manager with a construction firm who enjoys cooking and designing clothes. The 25-year old would love to use the Big Brother platform to explore her acting talent and if she wins, will spend the prize money on her lingerie and beauty business.

K. Brule

13. K. Brule’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

K. Brule is an upcoming song writer and artiste, his hobbies are playing football and watching movies. His mum is super excited about him being a Housemate and he intends to bring his dirty sense of humour to the House. 

His favourite colour is metallic red. He is 23 years old.

Teddy A

14. Teddy A is a recording artiste and graduate of the University of Texas. He is also known as Badman Teddy. The 29-year old considers his high points to be when his son was born and getting his recording contract. His mum is his best friend whilst his favourite food is pounded yam and egusi soup.


15. Vandora is the first of 3 siblings and in a relationship.

Vandora says that she will miss her boyfriend most whilst in the House and also bring heated conversations and charisma into the House. She is on a journey of discovery and loves wearing short outfits.


16. Nina is the last daughter amongst 5 siblings, Nina loves singing and chatting. The 21-year old English and Literary Studies graduate enjoys eating spaghetti and enjoys music by Wizkid. She describes herself as unpretentious and can neither stand proud people or liars.


17. Alex is 21, she enjoys dancing and talking.

She likes polar bears and has promised not to hold back on anything whilst in the House. She believes everything about herself is unique and does not like fake or dirty people.


18. Dee-One is 27 and is the first of 3 siblings and stand-up comedian. Dee-One loves Wizkid and says nothing will make him quit the game. If he wins the cash prize, he will start a comedy agency to help upcoming acts. He has no favourite colour, neither does he have any hidden talents.


19. Angel loves the colour red and his favourite food is beans. He is 31 years and likens himself to a lion because he is strong. His hidden talent is his ability to learn fast and he enjoys music by Evanescence.


20. Lolu is 29 and an investment manager. 

He has always wanted to be a Housemate because he wants to show the world his personality. His ability to adapt and make the most out of a situation is what makes his unique. His favourite outfit is slightly ripped jeans, good shoes and a proper shirt.

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