“Its Only In Nigeria That An Upcoming Comedian Is Richer Than An Experienced Model”- Actor Chris Okagbue

Nollywood actor and model, Chris Okagbue took to social media to complain about the way models are treated in Nigeria.

According to him, Upcoming comedians are paid better than experienced models

The actor took to Instastory to lament about the situation, he wrote;

It’s only in Nigeria that models are the least wealthy people in Showbiz. Even an ‘upcoming’ comedian of today is richer than model with 5years experience. #fact #shameonyouagencies

And after you branch off to other fields like film or music n become successful, some random stupid agents will open their rotten garlic gutter smelling mouths n say “we made him who he is”.

The thunder that will strike you pple is still doing rehearsals for the main show!! Delusional retards!!

source: Gistreel


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