Meet Bill Gate’s youngest daughter, Phoebe Adele (photos)

Imagine yourself being the daughter of a man worth 90.5 billion USD according to a 2018 estimation by Forbes and also the highest donor of $35 billion to charity.

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter and third child of American Businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Bill Gates.

She was born on 14 September 2002 and resides with her parents in the Gates’ home, a property said to be worth more than $120 million.

Phoebe is currently studying at Professional Children’s Schol School, New York. The 15-year old is actually following her passion just as her dad did. Phoebe Adele is interested in arts and is going ahead to pursue it quite early, of course with her family’s support.

Aside studies, she attends art classes at American Ballet, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City and The Julliard School, Lincoln Center-set conservatory for the performing arts, including theater, music, dance & writing.

Source – Kemifilani