Former Gulder Ultimate Search winner Uche Uwaezeapu weds his girlfriend

Uche Uwaezeapu, the winner of Gulder Ultimate Search VI in 2009, had his wedding over the weekend.

He married his long time girlfriend, Lauren Agokei.

In a post shared on his IG page a while back, Uche revealed how his wife slid into his DM, shoot her shot and ultimately won his heart.

Uche wrote:

I was on Facebook one lovely day and then I got a message from a girl, checked her profile first, and wow she was so beautiful…

I wanted to ignore but I couldn’t it was hard…and we got chatting on Facebook for about a year, we were so close….

At some point, we lost contact for a few months… but we found each other again… we met and we became lovers and best friends. I’m so glad I didn’t dull myself”

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