Today’s Question: Is this why Cee-C is so angry and bitter???

According to this social media user, Cee-C’s dad may be the cause of her bitterness and anger. The source claims Cee-C’s dad abandoned her late mom while she was alive to be with his secretary. It was later discovered that the dad’s secretary had 2 kids for him. Here is what the source wrote:


Could this be why Cee-C is so angry ???


  1. I have suffered terrible things in my family that is worse than hers but I don’t transfer my aggression to others. She should be very careful before she becomes abandoned by reasonable men who may be interested in her.

  2. To exist in a bbnaija house with no friends. Bitterness is a disease! She has no excuse to be so bitter. Her case is small compared to my own case and still I am not bitter. It’s not bitterness that is her issue, her problem is excessive control, she wants to control everything, everyone, every situation. Everyone must submit to her will. Imagine CeeC as a boss, her subordinates will see hell! The girl has issues and she really needs deliverance! I really never watched bbnaija bit from time to time I would sit with family and watch and i tell you, I was never impressed with her from the get go!

  3. When she wakes up this morning and realizes that they are no longer in the aus and it complete reality, I can assure u she will weep, coz broda man Tobi and everyone else will move on with each other, and she will be left alone, all to herself. Stupidity has found a new residence.

  4. Cheap lies. Cece dad. Gave cece the best any child can think of..look at alex. She has nothin. Shes a villiage gurl dey called her but shes a happy child
    Cece gat a car bought by her same dad. She attended d best school..shes jst a bitter soul bad attitude.her dad isnt d cause of any of her bad manner

  5. Cee-c’s problem remains hers, that’s assuming she admits she has one in the first place. Her family issues ain’t enough reason for her behavior during the #BBNaija show this year. Attitude and personality may look similar but still differ.