” If You Own A S3x Doll, You Need Deliverance” – Actress Maryam Charles

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Pretty and s*xy actress, Maryam Charles, is an interviewer’s delight. Throw her any poser and she’s ready with a response. From romance to marriage, virginity to s*x, and lesbianism to abortion, she seems to be at home with all.
Entertainer recently had an intimate chat with the thespian. Please enjoy it.

Most men can hardly get their eyes off you; how do you cope?
It works in two ways; some admirers are genuine, while some are not. For the genuine admirers, they will not want to offend you by crossing limits; they should also be treated nicely. While the men who are after me for their s*xual desires will never get to their promised land because I won’t create avenue for such to happen.

The industry is highly competitive, how do you intend breaking into the A-list?
Nollywood is highly competitive for those seeing it as competition. For me, I’m not in a competition. I’m just doing my thing and working towards the industry’s betterment by contributing my own quota. To keep going in the industry, it is important to stay consistent, be hard working and prayerful.

What does s*x mean to you?
S*x isn’t a joking matter, not even a topic I can discuss at length in this interview; it has a lot of things attached to it. It is even wrong to mention s*x casually without adding some respect to it. S*x is the deepest level of showing affection and expressing how you feel to your partner confidentially, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with having physical intercourse.

How did you lose your virginity and where?
There’s a long story behind this. In fact, I have a project that will tell how it happened, just wait for it. I’m sure people would learn a lot from it and be entertained at the same time.

Does it mean you hardly have s*x except you’re in a relationship?
There are different types of relationships that can lead to s*x if care isn’t taken. Having s*x in a relationship means my partner and I are 100 per cent sure of where we are headed. I won’t just throw myself on the bed all in the name of relationship. This is what most ladies have failed to realise, and why you’ll see men having more than one lover; they keep many girls and make them believe they are in a relationship, just to have them satisfy their s*xual urges. Not all relationships should lead to s*x.

If you were to date anybody in the industry, who will that be?
I used to say I cannot date anyone in the industry, but recently John Okafor (Mr Ibu) becomes the main man. He has the qualities a good lover should have, he’s funny, he doesn’t get angry anyhow and he’s caring. Can you imagine waking up to a man like him everyday? Can you imagine what a life with him would look like?

There are lots of women who cannot get their eyes off a s*xy and busty lady like you; do you also have women that toast you?
I don’t see any problem with a fellow lady admiring me, provided she’s doing it with good heart. Otherwise I won’t take it sitting down because I don’t see it as a thing of pride to indulge in same s*x relationship. If anyone out there has the intention of wooing me into lesbianism, take your mind off it; remember 18 years is the jail term for such offence.

Having been tempted many times, can you share with us some of your experiences?
There are temptations everywhere, but with God, you’ll overcome any temptation. There are a lot of people in the industry who try to entice me with foreign trips just to get down with me, but are these trips worth my body? Never! Some have promised heaven and earth, as if they are Jesus Christ, just to be in the same bed with me. I consider all these to be normal and I still maintain politeness without being rude to the advancers. There have been a lot of temptations and I’m sure there will still be more, but I’m sure God will keep me strong enough not to fall for any temptation.

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