Nigerian lady shares the disadvantages of relocating to Canada

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle, Pamela O. (@pamelathepundit), has shared the disadvantages of migrating to North American country, Canada – a country where many Nigerian professionals are migrating to in droves.

According to Pamela, lack of Canadian work experience will force you to wait tables, beg to take hours at superstores and also walk persons with special needs as a means of livelihood to pay unending bills.

Pamela added that in Canada, you will have to start all over because your professional qualifications and work experience don’t count.

She shared,

Dear All who are ‘hustling’ to go to Canada under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, I wish you well.

What you are never told is that all your qualifications, work experience and skills (for which you’ll be granted the visa) will amount to nought when the LACK OF CANADIAN WORK EXPERIENCE will force you to wait tables, beg to take hours at superstore and walk persons with….. special needs as a means of livelihood to pay unending bills and monthly house rent that is equivalent to what large families pay per annum back in Nigeria.

You are never told that as a Researcher/Lecturer, your résumé is as good as a high school leaver simply because… … you lack Canadian work experience and worst of all if you do not have Canadian education. We all know Research Methods in particular disciplines are universal but hey, welcome to CA. As an Engineer, you’ll need some type of upgrading… The type that a Nigerian with tons of work experience went seeking at Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta, before he got stabbed to death by a supposed colleague who the system pronounced as mentally unstable, leaving behind children and a pregnant wife, early this year.

My friends in the abroad who were once CEOs, MDs, 800k NGN salary earners but sold their businesses, resigned their jobs to move to Canada as ‘Skilled Workers’ who now know and experience these things keep asking that one question, “what is there in Nigeria to go back to”?…… are actually right to ask because what really is there to be back to?

Don’t even let me start… It hurts. It hurts so bad. Not sure which hurts more; the tales of abundant job opportunities in Canada which drives hardworking Nigerian professionals to pack up & leave…only to go struggle for opportunities as described above with Refugees shipped from war-torn Sudan, Syria, Iran etc.

I’m not underrating Refugees, no please. I am saying, for ALL that Nigerians go through to get that visa that is given them based on their skill and… professional abilities, they deserve more than getting their passports stamped at the Airports (because we sure don’t go by road or water), getting their SIN/SSN and watched as we all get denied opportunities to put our skill to use which was the first reason for going.

I challenge you to show me one single person who found a job in Canada in their area of expertise within 3 months of arrival while painfully spending their savings (take note of unfavourable FX). Nigeria is tough but dear all, it is tougher living overseas without a proper job.

Even with those survival jobs, one has to work 3 different types to pay $1k rent (with utilities) monthly for a self-contained type of apartment on average. U REALLY want to think again. Have my best wishes in your decision. Spectatorially, P. O.

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  1. Madam please return to Nigeria. Just because you were unable to secure s job in your area of expertise doesnt mean others havent and doesn’t. What about those inIT? You asked for one example by I can give you 50. I have maaany friends who have secured jobs in their expertise in less than a month of migration. Do not generalise. If your reason for migrating to canada is to start comparing between fore, then think again. Theproperty value in Canada can never be compared to Nigeria. What about having a good life, living in a law abiding society, clean air, good educational system and better health care system?

    Madam please return to your country. You have been fortunate and yet you discourage others from enjoying such opportunity too. That’s Selfishness.

    To anyone who wishes to migrate and can afford to, please do not hesitate and ignore selfish individuals that would want to discourage you from pursing a better life.

    Thank you

  2. It’s worth thinking about MZDEE. The woman has simply spoken the truth! Nobody is discouraging anybody. Anybody who wants to give it a trial is free to do so. Seeing is believing. I’m a good example of this scenario mentioned above. I’m currently doing my PhD and I tell you the best job I could get is a security guard.

  3. Madam, please return to Nigeria if you dont like Canada. We dont need people like you here.
    I got here in 4/4 of 2017 and I have changed jobs twice as an IT Engr (The same thing I did while I was in Nigeria).
    Its a big shame that you have refused to upgrade your skill after leaving school and most saddening is the fact that you have brought the selfish and misleading attitude we suffer back home here.
    Please face your lane and park well!!!

  4. My own is, the time you have spent in typing all these stories could as well been used in searching for a professional Job in Canada.
    Pls what’s bad in starting afresh in Canada, if your Nigeria certificate can’t earn you a professional job in Canada. At the end of the day, you get that professional job, while knowledge and skills would have increase with Canadian Cert.
    Madam pls come home ooh, in case you don’t know, Buhari at 73 is planning to rerun for 2019 election.

  5. @Yaki,
    Thank you for that post. In life, we are required to upgrade each day. Look at the IT field for instance, they are required to upgrade as IT advances if not they will be left backwards. Same with the medical and law field and others too.
    What’s wrong in following the trend and staying in voke?
    Anyways, I still maintain my stand… madam please return to naija.