50 Cent calls Floyd Mayweather his little brother, says he’s been wanting to kill him

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather still appear to be going at it, after the latter launched counter troll posts against 50 Cent a few days ago.

In a new post he shared on Instagram 50 Cent who described Floyd Mayweather as fool, said he’s been wanting to kill him but the celebrity boxer is his little brother.

His post reads:

‘The TMZ people put cameras in my face, I didn’t say nothing about Champ. It just didn’t feel right, I be wanting to kill that fool but he my little brother. Don’t tell him I said this, I know he can’t read this shit’.

It’s been almost a month since the beginning of the most recent chapter of the public Instagram beef between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent.

There’s been so much petty, back-and-forth name-calling that it’s difficult to remember where it all started.

Well, the recent escalation started with an $18 million watch. The Jacob and Co. timepiece that Floyd Mayweather bought at the end of June prompted 50 Cent to go on Instagram and tease him about it.

The beef has continued to limp along until today, when Floyd Mayweather appeared on Complex News to address the origins of his and 50’s bad blood.

The boxer, speaking from his gym in LA, began by clarifying: “I don’t bash no one on social media. I don’t talk bad about no one on social media” (read about Floyd talking very bad about someone on social media here).

On the origin of the beef, Floyd recounted the time he was friends with 50 Cent, they  would “travel together” and “laugh together”.

According to him, it was 50 who initiated the split:

“if you chose not to be my friend anymore then so be it.” Apparently, 50 tried to turn the friendship into a business relationship, a move which Floyd did not take kindly to: “Me and 50 Cent were riding in my Lamborghini one day and he said, you know, I got the promotion company” to which Floyd said “it took me from 1987 till now to build my brand. I don’t want nothin from G unit, whatever you got going on, let’s just remain friends.”

Apparently, after Mayweather denied the offer, 50 claimed the he owed him money. Mayweather’s view on this: “I don’t owe anyone money.”

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